Thursday, February 02, 2023

Roundup: of Paddlefish and Dino Models

The Revelator counts the species that went extinct in 2022.  John R. Platt's article The Book of the Dead rounds up animals officially declared extinct or almost written off.  Platt has written off the huge Chinese paddlefish, reportedly reaching 7 meters: first declared extinct in 2020, it was the eventual victim of a huge dam built in 1981.

Chinese Paddlefish (WCBI TV, fair use claimed)

 I have, surprisingly, overlooked this publication until now. It has many interesting articles. 

As a collector of Dunkleosteus models and toys, I also occasionally acquire other species that grab my attention, so I keep an eye on what's coming out.  A new company called TNG has popped up, selling a variety of dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. They have no Dunk, but the mammals have gotten some praise. However, the excellent page Dino Dad Reviews argues their designs involve a high degree of plagiarism. I'm avoiding them for now.

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