Saturday, December 18, 2021

New Species and Of Books and Beasts update

 I enjoy posting on new species, and this paper bearing news from the tropical island of Sulawesi is an interesting one. Scientists surveying the shrews of this very large (174,600 square km) island collected over 1,300 specimens of shrews. When the hard work of taxonomy started, it took years to sort them out.  There were 21 species, an astonishing 14 of them new. The resulting paper named more species than any single paper in the last 90 years. Most people consider shrews unimportant at best and annoying at worst, and they (the shrews) committed the serious offense of "starring" in one of the worst monster movies ever made.  

Meanwhile, Of Books and Beasts is getting some very good feedback (not all posted on Amazon reviews yet, but trust me) and is now on Amazon and B&N as well as being available from the 
publisher. Please buy, enjoy, and review!.

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