Monday, April 16, 2012

We all like fish stories....

...and Great Bear Lake has some good ones

Alberta's cold, clear Great Bear Lake has a record of producing lake trout 20kg and up, with a 37.5kg monster the official record and some unofficial records bigger than that.  A biologist is studying just why this particular lake is so prolific.  Not only are the fish big and plentiful, but they are evolving at an unusually rapid rate.  The post-glacial lake is home to 4, maybe 5, distinct types of lake trout (not separate species yet). Canada's largest lake, up to 450m deep, may have some bigger fish in its depths, and may become an  important laboratory for the study of fish evolution and possibly on how fish respond to climate change, which has barely touched this lake so far.

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omegaman66 said...

Why would climate change have an affect here considering we are not talking about drastic changes only about 1 degree?

An is climate change supposedly happening more dramatically near the polls if you can believe the ipcc?