Monday, April 09, 2012

Countdown to North Korean launch

Rare foreign access permitted

Interesting doings in North Korea, as the world's most secretive government permits foreign news organizations to look over its rocket and satellite as the country prepares for its third launch attempt.  (If it works, it will be one technical area where North Korea actually scores a point against the far more advanced and prosperous South).  NK is allowing the access even though foreigners will gain their best look yet at its missile technology.  In most of the world, ICBMs and satellite launchers were originally variants of the same vehicle, although designs diverge over time as the launch vehicle engineers trade readiness for payload.   The US says this launch ciolates a proise not to test new missiles, and NK is no doubt allowing this openness so it can argue this is strictly peaceful and they are not breaking any treaties. 
Counting down.....

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