Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The stars now align in "Titanic"

Cameron responds to Tyson

James Cameron is famously picky about details, but astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson noticed one he missed in Titanic: the star field Rose looks up at in one scene was wrong.  Not only did it have the wrong stars in it considering the date and her geographical location, but it was "lazy" - half the star field was done and then mirrored to make the other half.  Well, Cameron listened. He asked Tyson for the right information, and the 3D re-release has that one change in it.  I have not seen the rerelease and don't know if any of the other little mistakes have been fixed, but at least the astronomy is right.


omegaman66 said...

Why would you spend and extra dollar to get something like that right? People call in ufo sightings in the cities whenever their is a power outage because they are so out of touch with nature. I doubt they would notice the misalignment of stars in a movie.

Just crazy.

Matt Bille said...

Very few people would - Tyson apparently was the only one! But Cameron is a stickler for details. Some people likely call that trait by a less complientary name. :)