Friday, April 20, 2012

A mess in Loch Ness?

Sonar image puzzles some

A cellphone camera, held by a boat captain in Loch Ness, captured the vessel's sonar screen as it showed what looks like an elongated shape trailing the boat about 23m down. 
This evidence won the captain, Mr. Atkinson, the prize for Best Nessie Sighting of the Year (a bookmaker sponsors the prize).  Atkinson said, "There is nothing that big in the Loch. I was in shock as it looked like a big serpent, it’s amazing. You can’t fake a sonar image."   An oceanographer shrugged it off, though: "'The image shows a bloom of algae and zooplankton that would exist on what would be a thermocline."

COMMENT: I used to be a firm believer there was something big an unknown in the Loch, but I'm skeptical these days.  The loch is very poor, biologically speaking: no population of large predators could live in it, and the ocean access (the River Ness) is shallow, and there should be many sightings of big creatures commuting to and from the ocean, not just one or two.  I can't quite close the file: I don't think anyone has given a definitive explanation of the 1960 Dinsdale film.  But I'll be very surprised if anything solid turns up. 


omegaman66 said...

"In 1960 Tim Dinsdale, an aeronautics engineer and dedicated Loch Ness Monster researcher"

This scream fraud to me. Just like the guy that give tours and has seen it like 5 times. Vested interest in it being real means I discount any evidence you produce.

I gave up on Nessie a long time ago. I write it all off to circus elephants that got the mystery stared and like all other monster stories they carry on and grow all on their own after the initial push.

Clark said...

The film shows that the object was the color of a boat, a mahogany.

Matt Bille said...

I can't quite close the file on the Dinsdale film. For all the enhancements and enlargements that have been done, it still doesn't look like a boat to me, and it apparently submerges at one point. I don't know what it is.