Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big dino eggs - or rocks?

Would be biggest dino eggs ever

Actually, the eggs claimed discovered in Chechnya would dwarf all other dino eggs.  The biggest ever found are sauropod eggs about 30cm in diameter.  These eggs, it is claimed, are a meter across.  Mt geometry is too poor to figure out the relative volume, but the disparity is so great that palentologists in other nations are skeptical that these are dinosaur eggs and not some kind of rock nodules or concretions.  There appears to be a lot of nationalism here, mixed up with some uncertain paleontology.  These eggs, it is claimed, were in a pile or nest, while the biggest sauropods we know of laid their eggs in a line - simply dropped them while walking along.
COMMENT: This would be really cool if it's real, but I'll bet that it isn't.

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