Monday, March 26, 2012

Titanoboa eats New York!

Giant snake amazes

It takes a lot to impress New Yorkers, but a full size-replica of the 15-meter prehistoric snake Titanoboa is stopping commuters in their tracks. Set up at Grand Central Station for a couple of days on a "layover" en route to the Smithsonian, the snake has drawn a crowd.  Living some 60MYA, this South American snake weighed over 1 metric ton and ate crocodiles and pretty much anything else it wanted.
COMMENT: Nature always pushes boundaries of size, variety, and environment.  This is an amazing example.  (Cryptozoologists trailing occasional reports of 10-15m snakes have yet to come up with any hard evidence, but are no doubt heartened by the proof that it's at least possible for snakes to reach Skull Island proportions.)

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