Monday, March 26, 2012

Karl Shuker on Cryptozoology

Interview makes important points on the science

In this excellent interview, Dr. Karl Shuker covers the field of modern animal discoveries and mysteries. He discusses the new Journal of Cryptozoology and suggest the "most likely" discoveries to come: the orang-pendek of Sumatra and the rediscovery of the thylacine. (I agree the former is only a short distance away, but I hold out only slim hope for the latter.) 
COMMENT: Great Work, Karl! Especially important here are the points about recent discoveries, from the 100-kg saola of Vietnam to the Bili ape (which did not prove to be a new species, but its status as a robust and oddly-behaved race of chimps doesn't detract from the fact that reports of a distinctive large ape proved true).

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