Saturday, March 17, 2012

Are the Iliamna creatures getting restless?

Stirrings in Alaska
One cryptozoological tale I always thought had a real creature behind it is the record of giant fish sightings from Lake Iliamna, Alaska.  It's most likely an undiscovered population of sturgeon, but we can't be sure without a specimen.  Here Loren Coleman notes the recent earth tremors from the Iliamna Volcano area and wonders whether a possible eruption would disturb the lake's "monsters." (Answer: well, would a volcano in your back yard discomfit you?)  While Jeremy Wade did a very good investigation on his show River Monsters, there's still an air of mystery about Alaska's largest lake.  (A lake oddly overlooked on a lot  of "biggest lake in the U.S." lists - it's larger than any lake wholly within the U.S. except Lake Michigan. )

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