Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Journal of Cryptozoology

New peer-reviewed journal

There hasn't been a per-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to cryptozoology since the demis of Cryptozoology these many years ago.  Now the new Journal of Cryptozoology, with Dr. Karl Shuker as editor and a panel of heavyweights like Dr. Darren Naish and Dr, Charles Paxton doing the peer review, is about to launch.
What kinds of animals qualify for articles in the new journal?  They are:

1) A species or subspecies apparently unknown to science, including alleged prehistoric survivors (e.g. mokele-mbembe).
2) A species or subspecies presently unknown to science in the living state, but which is known to have existed in historical times and allegedly still persists today (e.g. thylacine).

3) A species or subspecies known to science but allegedly existing as a natural occurrence in a location outside its scientifically-recognised current geographical distribution (e.g. puma in the eastern USA).

Good luck to the Journal!

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