Monday, February 13, 2012

While I'm on conspiracy theories...

That OTHER conspiracy theory is nuts, too
Some more science here
Nothing special about the date, I just felt like throwing this out there today.  I was at the Newseum in DC last week and gazed on the battered, twisted broadcast antenna that had stood on the roof of the World Trade Center. It's a very moving exhibit. 
So much that's published on this is simply crap. No expert agrees with the single flake who says he found thermite residue. (And "nanothermite" does not exist, BTW). No one saw workers tearing into the cores of the buildings to plant bombs. There is aircraft wreckage all over the Pentagon and the lawn, if you go beyond carefully cropped photos.  WTC7 suffered debris hits and fires capable of taking any building of that sort down. No skyscraper fires had ever brought WTC-type towers down because no skyscrapers were ever hit with big planes full of jet fuel.  Heat most definitely does melt or weaken steel - how do you think we make cars out of the stuff?  There's a "too small" hole in the Pentagon picture because the cropped photo shows the second floor hole only. A few people think they heard explosions, but why are there thousands who didn't? (Kinda like the TWA 800 thing, where a few witnesses who thought they saw somethign like a missile have become "hundreds," while the hundreds who saw no such thing are ignored.)  All kinds of official blunbers and tunnel-visioning of threats, thus allowing all this to happen, don't change WHAT happened any more than they made Pearl Harbor a conspiracy (another endlessly refuted conspiracy claim).
For everyone with technical credentials who thinks the story is wrong, there is an overwhelming number, with far better credentials, who say it's right.  The towers simply did not collapse at more than freefall speed, no one documented the alleged pools of molten metal, we definitely did three airliner engines out of the Pentagon, etc., etc.
And yes, when an incredibly complex and catastrophic event like nothing else in history happens, we will always find some oddities, coincidences, and phenomena never seen before.  "Falsers" simply keep repeating the same claims, over and over, no matter how many times they are refuted. Either the refutation is wrong or it proves the conspiracy.  Science and logic can't win here. 
That's all.  And no, I'm not going to debate it. It's history, over and done with. Think differently if you want. 


omegaman66 said...

Thanks! Couldn't agree more.

Matt Bille said...

Appreciated. Let's get on to the real mysteries. The universe is full of them.