Monday, February 13, 2012

Moon hoax claims never die - but they should

A thorough refutation

Every scientific blogger should post this occasionally as a public service.  We went to the Moon. To suggest otherwise implies a conspiracy of many thousands of people, in which no one EVER talked, and which the Soviets would have taken great delight in exposing.  As Agent Scully used to say on The X-Files, "You're giving the government too much credit."  Nevertheless, this idiocy will apparently never die. Even the fact that recent probes have photographed Apollo artifacts and footprint trails haven't shut up the people determined to believe the unbelievable. 
I watched the Apollo launches myself. You wouldn't have doubted the capability of the Saturn V's if you'd been there.  Apollo 17 lit up the sky so dramatically I still have the picture vividly in my head 40 years later.  The only mystery about Apollo is why we lost our way and never went back.

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