Thursday, February 02, 2012

Weirdest life forms of 2011

Meet the one-eyed shark
Given that National Geographic collects huge amounts of information from all over the world, a creature has to be REALLY strange to make theie "10 Weirdest" list.  But something has to be chosen, so here they are:
1. Cyclops shark (a 56-cm shark foetus with a weird condition called cyclopia)   .2. “Glam rock” chameleon (a very colorful type from Madagascar), 3. Albino trapdoor spider. 4. Demon bat. 5. Mind-control fungus (really). 6. Pancake sea slug. 7. Vampire flying frog (easily the best name for a new species, maybe ever.) 8. Devil worm. 9. Big-lipped worm. 10. “Pink meanie” jellyfish (no word on whether it also has a blue form).

Mother Nature is a tinkerer, isn't she?

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