Saturday, May 07, 2011

New species bonanza!

OK, catching up a bit on a major backlog of new species news:

New species of tiger stingray from the Amazon

YOU can name a new species of deep-sea worm

An international team searches for new species on the
Great Barrier Reef

Colorado high school students on a rainforest project in Costa Rica discovered a new salamander.
Brand new amphibian

A created new species? Scientists have bred a hybrid lizard that apparently breeds true to type - and without males.
Creating a species

From 3,000 meters up in the Andes, one of the world's tiniest frogs.
Noblella pygmaea

Update on one of the strangest recent wildlife stories. A turtle fro ma shallow lake in Hanoi, big as a coffee table, may be a new species even though it was once identified as a known type.
Giant turtle

A decade of exploration in the tiny nation of Singapore has netted 500 - yes, 500 - new animals and plants. Diversity in Singapore

Remember: discoveries never stop coming. Ecologically speaking, it's a bigger planet than we think.

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