Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun reading for cryptozoologists

Chad Arment has been a pr0lific publisher of high-quality cryptozoology books and article collections. His newest effort is Biofortean Notes. In Volume 1, Dr. Charles Paxton reports on publishing cryptozoology in maintream scientific media. Also in this volume:

American Ibex Folklore
(Chad Arment)

The Popcorn Fish
(Chad Arment)

The Hungarian Reed Wolf
(Tomasz Pietrzak and Miklós Heltai)

Freshwater Seals in Alaska and Canada
(Chad Arment)

A Bipedal Reptile in Nevada
(Chad Arment)

Looks like fun! (OK, I doubt there are bipedal reptiles in Nevado (insert Vegas lounge lizard joke here), but I have no doubt Chad will treat the subject with an appropriately sketical eye.)

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