Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Government feels need to deny mermaids exist

Fallout from bad TV show

Well, I'm glad the government has no pressing business, like war and health care, and can focus on whether an Animal Planet TV show with bad CGI mermaids was real. 
Mermaid beliefs go back a long way, with Columbus among other witnesses (although the Admiral of the Ocean Seas was quick to comment that they were not as comely as legend made them, which is accurate to a degree when you're looking at Carribean monk seals). Occasional seemingly sincere reports of something  of this type have been laid to misinterpretations of marine mammals.  The classic mermaid form makes no zoological sense, and most of those who delve into cryptozoology don't even think about them.  (A few cryptozoologists suggest a primate adapted to an aquatic lifestyle, which might not be completely impossible but has no evidence behind it.)  A spate of mermaid-like reports from New Guinea, concerning a creature locally called ri, was very properly investigated by cryptozoologists and identified as a population of dugongs. So mermaids will continue to populate the seas of legends, which is where they belong. 


Thomas Suchich said...

I saw the News and followed at least 7 different news media and news websites that ran that story. My initial response was, what a waste, how ridiculous, someone gets paid for this? But then I got suspicious, why would the US Government and the media run such a stupid story?
A cover up?
For a fictional film that I found after some research and watched to see if there was any credible or possible truth. The US Government denies the existence of fairies, Mermaids? Santa Claus, and other things like this are based on folklore, Mermaids, are children's stories. UFOs are figments of our imagination. Moon bases are unproven and claimed hoaxes by NASA and silly people. Scientists have not been able to prove the moon is part of our Solar System and are still trying to explain how it got there. Photo shop corrected lunar pictures, edited space mission documentaries are just a hoax.
But hang on Santa Claus was St Nick and he was a Turkish Monk or so the story goes. Other things like UFOs may be dimensional beings or Aliens, Mermaids? Is it possible that evolution did present some apes with an required survival and adaptation change?
Sure, some scientists, and biologists may agree, others may not. The drawings on caves and some sea travelers that have documented this may not have been totally drunk or delusional. However, what are we missing here? Evidence as it was taken by the Police and an Mockumentary that may be asking us to open our minds?
NO ONE, on any blog site or news comments, I have researched has even given a hoot about the claim that the US Navy is and was experimenting with a sonar weapon that has been responsible for Mass Whale beachings all over the globe. Mass destruction of whales and not even a peep from the animal and aquatic welfare activists and protection agencies.

Thomas Suchich said...

A Government and Military cover up regarding breaches of the whale protection laws? More plausible than Mer people, I would think. If the Sonar weapon was being tested to be used against submariners and causes massive damage to the internal organs of whales and dolphins as they are mammals, and not even for food consumption as is the case with Japan.
Total waste, and killings on a mass scale of what the western world is saying is an protected species?
Lets suppose that Mer people were actually found or a new species of Mammal. Would this cause a legal rights breach for the species that may be related to us by DNA? Would the Navy that train dolphins to take mines and attach them to submarines and ships have any use for aquatic mammals that are more intelligent than dolphins?
Would we be interested or horrified by the possible existence of an merperson?
Are they some sort of Security threat or an experiment in genetically modified human? The TIME magazine had some interesting stories regarding scientists genetically altering goats and spiders with DNA to produce spider web, Stronger than steel and flexible. In addition, regarding the creation of clothes that can be made invisible, imagine having invisible troops with bullet proof vests. Which Military force in the world would not want this?
Our governments and we as people are the biggest threat to our own kind. All we require is another nut case in a powerful position to be able to convince others of a similar ilk to create support and sponsor an illuminated better than the rest theory and gain power and control. There are plenty of Hitlers in the world and creating the suitable environment with the superstitious twist based on fiction may be the agenda. Not for wealth, but for control and as it seems these people feel threatened by the average person of ethics and moral standing, religious Christians and people around the globe that believe and have hope that the world is a good place ruled by good and not evil.
Why bring this up? It is a concern when Democratic Free World Governments start to order and demand even by legal means that Internet web hosting providers like Google have an increase of over 40% to have these postings and sites shut down and to report the people responsible. It is an concern to see articles that the US Government or Senate has ordered the closure of over 1000 Christian Web sites.
Is the WAR on Terror actually a war on Religion? Freedom of speech, expression. democracy. Political correctness is just another way of saying think as we permit, act as we tell you to, behave as you are allowed to, believe in what we want you to.
We are smart you are dumb, we know you don't, we say you jump. Do not ask as it is not your place, and it is on a need to know basis.Modifying and training us to be slaves or just preparing us for what is to come?
Now I ask you, are mermaids the real story and concern?