Monday, June 04, 2012

National Museum of Flight

I spent an interesting morning (interesting enough to make me miss my flight home) at the National Museum of Flight at the Boeing site in Seattle.  A Concorde, a fomer Air Force One, an Apollo Block 1 capsule (a modified one used to test the new unified hatch after the Apollo 1 fire) and an Explorer 1 satellite model with the black-and-white-striped color scheme, which I discussed with Dr. Ron Hobbs, a friendly volunteer ambassador who promised to read my book mentioning why it's wrong.     I was extremely impressed: it's the best space collection I've seen outside the National Air and Space Symposium.
Museum site:

From top: Original Boeing plant: Fokker Eindeckker: Explorer 1 and Sputnik 1: Me in front of lifesize image showing the size of the R-7 booster that launched the first Soviet spacecraft.

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