Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Belief in creation goes up

Gallup finds religious views rise

Despite changes in culture and new discoveries in science, the idea God created humans in their present form has ticked upwards 2% since 1982 to include 46% of Americans.  32 percent think God directed evolution to produce us, and 15% say no deity was involved.  
COMMENT: I do think there is a divine intelligence that influenced us to evolve into spiritual beings who believe in such things as beauty, altruism, and philosophy as well as having the need to seek a divinity.  I've read strictly mechanistic biological explanations for these things but have not been convinced. (That includes reading Dawkins, a brilliant man who created his own definition of what God was and then argued God as defined by Dawkins was irrational.)  I wonder if it's a universal condition that any beings evolving anywhere to a human level of intelligence would develop spiritual awareness.  Someday we'll drop on on the inhabitants of another planet and see if that's true: generalization from one species is certainly an iffy proposition. 
(Thought experiment. Assume you are Moses and God has given you the understanding that creation was a 14-billion-year process of evolution.  Are you going to try to explain this literally to a low-educated population? No, you'll write an allegory.)


omegaman66 said...

Put me in the 32% group. I find it funny that there is a ton of circumstantial evidence that this is true but most scientist ignore it. They are suppose to be open minded but when something points to there being a creator they balk.

Just for clarity sake I am not saying they should believe that science proves a God or Creator just that they don't acknowledge that much evidence points to it.

omegaman66 said...

Oh and I don't necessarily believe he guided evolution so much as God set it up so that it would work out the way it has.