Saturday, April 09, 2011

View the "aliens" of our planet

Scientists are still sorting data and images from the massive Census of Marine Life effort. I never get tired of galleries like this one, that introduce some creatures one would not imagine to be sharing the same planet with us. What does a Venus fly trap anemone look like? Well, the name could hardly be more descriptive. How strange can a mid-Atlantic jelly (or jellyfish) look? Kind of like an art-deco glass chandelier. Why does the deep-sea dragonfish have teeth on its tongue, making it look like one of the beasts from the Alien movies? Explore....

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omegaman66 said...

I like these type of pages and I have one of my own that would be of interest to anyone that enjoys this sort of thing.

I have a fish id section on my website where I id fish for people. Over the years I have received a few really creepy looking fish and I have them all on my own Top Ten Evil Fish page!