Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Real life X-Files? FBI didn't care

In TV lore, J. Edgar Hoover opened the first X-Files case. In real life, according to newly released documents, a memo to Hoover reported that the FBI had done numerous UFO investigations, but UFO files were being trashed because, whatever might be happening, it was simply not an FBI matter. Hooever apparently made no objection, and the practice continued. One document that did survive follows up on the famous Roswell crash of 1947 with a notation the crashed "flying disk" turned out to be a weather-type balloon with a radar reflector attached.
COMMENT: Oh well, it IS rather hard to believe aliens sophisticated enough to visit the Earth have been poking around like idiots, doing senseless medical exams and crashing all over the place. That doesn't mean we have explained every strange thing seen in the skies. One of these days, I still think we're going to confirm a very strange natural phenomenon.

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