Friday, April 02, 2010

New U.K. Space Agency launches

Britain is back in the space business, or, at least, better organized for it. Space has been a fragmented function, but on 4/1 the new UK Space Agency opened for business. Also opened: the new International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC) at Harwell. Britain has been busy in space for a long time - back to the days when the British Interplanetary Society was studying lunar landings in the early 1950s - but there's a new focus.
Lord Drayson, Science and Innovation Minister (a job we should have in the American cabinet, too) commented: "The action we’re taking today shows that we’re really serious about space. The UK Space Agency will give the sector the muscle it needs to fulfil its ambition. Britain’s space industry has defied the recession. It can grow to £40bn a year and create 100,000 jobs in 20 years. The Government’s commitments on space will help the sector go from strength to strength."
Good going, chaps!

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