Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NASA awaits Presidential leadership

COMMENT: I almost never get political in this blog. The point of it is to pass along interesting science and technology news. But doggone it, Mr. President, NASA people are looking to you for leadership.
First the proposed FY11 budget effectively killed human spaceflight by NASA. As much as I disagree with the substance, Mr. Obama is the President and has a right to propose a new policy. Next came the promise to host a Space Summit on 4/15. Very good idea. Somehow, the Presidential portion has evaporated into a quick stop for a speech - rank and file workers not invited - and then the President moves on to a political fundraiser without meeting with the people most affected by the NASA changes.
I don't even know what to say about the other recent change, which seems to have been thrown out rather hastily amid criticism from Neil Armstrong and other NASA veterans. Spending billions of dollars to finish a limited-capability version of the Orion capsule solely so it can serve as an ISS lifeboat is hard to understand as part of any larger strategy.
That speech better be a doozy.

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