Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MicrospaceNews: Air Force funding new nanosat programs

The USAF's Office of Scientific Research is awarding grants for nanosatellite projects. Up to $110K may be awarded for projects meeting OSR's objective to:

"promote and sustain university research and education focused on small satellites (nanosats) and related technologies. The primary outcome of individual projects funded under this program is the design, fabrication and functional testing of a nanosat. Secondary objectives are to foster research in enabling technologies for nanosats and the design of experiments that can be performed by nanosats in orbit. In a related activity, AIAA will sponsor a competition to select a small number of nanosats to be prepared for space launch and operation. AFRL/RV will work actively with program participants to promote space-worthy design and fabrication and to prepare selected nanosats for launch."

Look up this opportunity under AFOSR-BAA-2008-6. The application deadline is 31 October.

COMMENT: Great move on OSR's part. Anything that increases the opportunities for hands-on learning with satellites is good. They may be surprised by the variety and quality of the research content that is offered, University shops are very inventive in the microspace area.

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