Monday, September 22, 2008

It's MonsterQuest time!

Wednesday, September 24, at 9PM EST, History channel's MonsterQuest will air the following program:

MonsterQuest : Giant Bear Attack
Airs on Wednesday September 24 09:00 PM

Are big bears are getting more assertive and aggressive? In prehistoric times, giant bears weighed up to a ton and stalked early man. Listen as witnesses describe horrific bear attacks and take a look at unusual bear remains. The team journeys from Alaska to New Jersey to learn about bear activity and if hybridization or the next step in bear evolution could produce another crop of giant bears?

I was interviewed for this program and had a chance to talk about bear evolution, rumors and reports of mystery bears, and the place bears hold in the human imagination. I have not had a sneak peek and am not sure how much of my commentary will be in the final program, but I will be watching to find out!

I hope you join me.

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has a thread set up with an article on one of the other participants:

See you Wednesday!

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