Friday, August 15, 2008

Press conference: no sasquatch and no point

Tom Biscardi, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer today held the most pointless press conference in history. They had promised evidence of sasquatch, a specimen of which which they claimed to have stuffed in a freezer. They provided... nothing.
DNA they had submitted to a biologist for testing came back as (really a mixture of human and opossum segments. Biscardi said scientists would soon be allowed to examine the body, which prompted skeptics to make the obvious point that you should have the examination and then the press conference. And there is no excuse for providing poor images that look remarkably like a commercially available sasquatch costume if you do, in fact, have a sasquatch handy and can take the time to photograph it thoroughly.

So far, this looks like one of the boldest and dumbest in a long series of sasquatch hoaxes. If the animal is really out there, I hope he has the intellect to tune in and understand what's going on. He may kill himself laughing and leave a real corpse to discover.

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