Friday, August 08, 2008

Opportunity to support a lunar mission

This message was sent to my fellow science blogger Darren Naish. I reproduce it in full here. I encourage this kind of endeavor and hope someone has the money and inclination to help these fellows out.

From: Will Baird
Date: 2008/8/6
Subject: *grovel*


I am writing with a small plea. I am involved with the Lunar Lander
Challenge[1] and if we successfully complete that, the Google Lunar X
Prize[2]. My team[3,4,5] has hardware on order;however, we have just been hit by
a a sudden rule change by the FAA that will increase our testing
costs a lot.

I am not asking you for a donation. I know about families and money
woes - even with a steady paycheck its not easy! - However if you
would be willing to put up a post suggesting readers contribute, I'd deeply
appreciate it. I've been pounding pavement for well over six months
for this and now IDK if I can raise the dinero in any other way than a paypal drive
in time. If I had another year, yes, but...

Thanx for considering it, Darren.



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Will Baird said...

Thanx for post, Matt. Even ten dollar contributions add up.

The team website is here and the team blog is here.