Wednesday, June 01, 2016

EMF, Cell Phones, and Laying Fears to Rest

I'm not a medical researcher. I'm not a doctor. But I'm a parent (both now in college) and I can read. So can we all, but sometimes we read misleading things.

We parents should celebrate when we learn there is no risk in something - when we learn GMOs are safe, vaccines are safe, and there's zero or almost zero chance electromagnetic fields (EMF) have any health effects.  Sometimes we're so concerned for our kids we can't let go once we've heard of a threat. That's human. But you can't worry about everything. You have to prioritize,  So we should stop worrying about GMOs - they are safe, one discredited rat study notwithstanding. Vaccines are safe, one lying "whistleblower" notwithstanding.
Here's the science on GMOs.
Here's the science on the "whistleblower" claim. (Remember, claiming a vaccine conspiracy means you believe doctors and pharmaceutical researchers would rather put their own children at risk rather than break the conspiracy.)

And EMFs are safe, at least in any power level we are likely to encounter in the normal course of life.  The recent cell phone study brought forth panicked, sensationalized headlines about a study that's not even published yet. Blasting rats with cell phone radiation for two years, nine hours a day, may have produced a very slight effect. Or it may have caused nothing but statistical noise. But there's no cause for panic.
This article by Sharon Hill explains it well.
The same thing is true of EMFs in general, such as those produced by power systems, transformers, and transmission towers.  This article by Julie Frantsve-Hawley covers the topic thoroughly.  This post adds to the evidence.

So let's focus on things we need to worry about. Disease and crime and poverty and toxic spills are real things that can threaten our kids.  (Although multiple chemical sensitivity is NOT. Same for amalgam dental fillings.) Let's focus our efforts on the real dangers. We can't worry about everything - and the good news is, we don't have to.

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