Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cryptozoology coverage follow-ups

Actually, the fallout on my coverage of the International Cryptozoology Museum conference was pretty good. Sharon Hill of Doubtful News, a skeptic of most cryptozoological claims, covered it on  her site here.  There are good discussions on FaceBook coming out of it.  I sent it to the "Talk" thread on the National Association of Science Writers site (I belong to the NASW), but didn't raise a response.  Science writers in general have their own survival to think about these days as well as science, so I'm not too surprised.
Dr. Paul LeBlond, president of the new International Cryptozoology Society, was kind enough to look at my treatment for a 10-part series on marine life and legends, called Argosy (think Cosmos meets Jacques Cousteau) and suggest some folks to submit it to.
I also gathered some data for my next book, Seas, Sharks, and Serpents, which I swear WILL come out next year.

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