Sunday, October 05, 2014

Cryptozoology fiction: Eve, by J.M. Bailey

J.M. Bailey
self-published (CreateSpace)

I used to be able to keep up with all the cryptozoology novels: in the indie age, I couldn't hope to do so, so I have to pick the ones that look intriguing. Bailey's looked intriguing, and it was. I enjoyed J.M. Bailey's novel about finding Sasquatch - or, rather, being found by Sasquatch. Eve is a well-written bit of speculation (only a couple of misspellings and clunky sentences pop up) by an author who knows the wilderness and clearly knows her Sasquatch lore (the old Albert Ostman tall tale of being kidnapped by a sasquatch family is an obvious influence.) Bailey makes a brave and successful decision as a writer by making her first-person narrator a profane and not entirely likable woman. The narrator's descriptions of her feelings about the hominid Sasquatches she meets are sometimes a little hyperbolic, but, to be fair, she is describing an event that would pretty much blow the fuses in the human brain. I personally, as a reader, never like it when psychic elements show up in cryptid stories: however, it's her novel and her Sasquatches, and those elements never take over the story. Sasquatch aficionados will like this one. There's a sequel out - I've not yet read that, but I'll get to it.


Walter Henriques said...

Finally read your book "Eve". I also took the liberty of reviewing your "QA" from "". It was interesting on how you responded on question number eight, five, four and three. I'm sure that you're out there a lot simply observing and gathering empirical data from your experience's. Although your book is fiction do you assume the position that our "hominid" friends are somewhat organized in such a way that you may say they are not only intelligent but may also possess attributes that we may term as "beings that can and are able to move into other realms", for example: fourth or other dimensions besides our own "3d"? Reason I ask is your story and it's being creative on how both Anna and Eve interact. I apologize if it seems that I'm creating something that is not what your story is about. But it's either you're very articulate on being a writer on the subject or you do know of have experienced some sort of "co-habituating" encounter. You mentioned "Enoch" by Ms. Autumn. It was third party dialogue as she had shared of someone else's encounter of a true "co-habituating" experience whereas the individual in the book actually mingles and communicates on levels surely not easily accepted. But in your book "Eve", it's easily accepted of Anna and Eve's mingling with one another. What is interesting and why I seem to press into the topic of interacting with someone human and a "bigfoot" in your book is the very fact that it's not simple to create such a scenario. Thus, I'm going to assume that you have gone through some form of personal experience and may not want to write it as a story based on true events. You create the character for Eve. Granted it was needed. But with our "furry friends" you actually write out the experience. What is truly unique in your describing "Anna" behavior is the very fact that they are somewhat "bi-polar". How did you know that? Ok. enough of my stern inquiring. I'm going out on the limb here and share briefly what I experienced which should clear the air of why It seem that I'm attempting to purge you somewhat. I apologize if it seems that I am. But I truly believe that if we are going to allow some sort of "open door" between them and us we need to be truthful no matter how much the "mob" may reject, ridicule, and/or simply throw stones at us. If it weren't for "the touch" I may have been permanently stuck in a deep depression that most would not want. I know it occurred for a reason that needs to be shared. It's how it's going to be done is the challenge. I can share for sure that "Enoch" was
a total fabrication of what may have occurred but for sure it was "exploited" the entire spectrum of what they are, how they exist and more importantly "Why" they are here.

I'm not sure if this is the correct avenue for my expressing both my concern and my love for our "friend". If for any reason you may feel offended by my comments please allow me the "grace" that truly they are capable of.

Thank You,


UFOs said...

Collect data on the mystery animal and on its alleged environment and habits. You'll also need to do some research on possible relatedspecies, whether primates, felines, canines, etc.