Sunday, May 05, 2013

Space and Zoology Book Giveaway


I have published three books, a well-received history of the early satellites (The First Space Race) and two books on discoveries and mysteries of the animal kingdom (Rumors of Existence, 1995, and Shadows of Existence, 2006). I am GIVING AWAY two free signed copies of each, shipped to you at no charge. The only catch: You must promise to write an Amazon review (you can be honest) as soon as you’ve finished the book. I am posting this on all my pages and blogs. In 48 hours (Tuesday evening), I will write down all the names who requested each book and let my unbiased daughter pick them from a bowl. I’ll then get back to the winners to ask their mailing addresses. So answer with your name and which book you’d prefer!


david said...

This was very interesting and helped me alot..Thanks for sharing it.

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J. Mark Strong said...

Sounds chance worthy!
J. Mark Strong
Multi Radiance Medical
920 13th Street North
Naples, Fl 34102

Andrea Ahrens said...

Hi Matt, Nice promotion idea. I'd be interested in reading Rumors of Existence (or Shadows of Existence). Andrea Ahrens

Matt Bille said...

The winners of the free books have been drawn (by my wife, out of my ever-useful Stetson hat)!
Rumors of Existence
- Eric M. Black
- Sandy Rosenberg
The First Space Race
- Rosemary R. Adams
- J. Mark Strong
Shadows of Existence
- Brian Goodwin
- Gail Lucas
Congratulations! I’ll contact the winner directly for mailing addresses.
Thanks to everyone who participated!