Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mystery from a war zone - the Kanahar cougar

Two war correspondents have reported how American troops in Afghanistan are watching, or being watch, by large felids the Americans have collectively nicknamed the "Kanahar cougar." To U.S. troops, they look like American pumas (cougars), although spots or stripes are sometimes reported. The correspondents and the troops they cover are debating whether these are merely exaggerated reports of caracals (max weight 18kg), hyenas wandering to the northern edge of their range, or something quite different. Interestingly, Afghan troops profess to be unfamiliar with any true big cat in their country except the very rare snow leopard and think the Americans are seeing things. The only video available to date shows caracals, but troops claim to be seeing cats more in the 50kg range. Hmmm....

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