Sunday, July 10, 2011

New type of joint found in nature: a screw!

Yep. A type of weevil has a hip joint unlike the two normal types of joints found in animals, the hinge and the ball-and-socket. The weevil uses a screw thread that goes through a nut. There's a tiny hole in the middle of the screw to allow blood to circulate.
COMMENT: Biologists have wondered why nature never hit on the wheel in all these billions of years of experimentation. As far as we know, that mystery is unsolved, but this little bit of news reminds us just how many variations can pop out of a long, messy process like evolution. (As a Christian, I believe this process did have a foreordained end result - a species intelligent enough to become spiritually aware - but it sure was a long, strange trip.)


omegaman66 said...

Yeah I really never understood why so many people find an issue with reconsiling religion and science. Heck the more we discover the closer the two seem to be to me.

For example. According to modern science before the big bang there was no such thing as time. And lo and behold you can read a quote straight from the bible that mentions before time. How is it that such a new idea is found in the bible?

And exactly, if God made us through a process called evolution what is the issue?

D. Straw said...

Matt: As a clergyman I love your site. It shows us how much wonder and unexpected joy there is in God's creation!


Matt Bille said...

Thank you for your comments! Yes, I do believe we - and all life - are here for a reason. Science, to me, is studying with an open mind how the created universe unfolded. It is a never-ending source of discovery and wonder.