Saturday, March 26, 2011

Future tech - what's real?

Physicist Michio Kaku has a cool job. When he's not working on string theory, he's on the Discovery Channel predicting the future of technology. Internet in your contact lenses? Yes. Longer lifespans? Cloning of extinct animals? Yes and yes. Warp drive. Too bad about that one....His new book looks good, though.


omegaman66 said...

Yes he does have a cool job and he needs to stick to it. I have always loved him on the various tv shows he does but recently I lost a bit of respect for him. (still like his shows though)

He was on the CBS morning show. And was talking all about global warming and over and over again he was flat out wrong.

I can forgive the "El Nina" comment. No such thing exist. There is La Nina and El Nino but no El Nina???

That could be the slip of the tongue but his statement that about the North Atlantic oscillations and the gulf and such were just flat out wrong. He was simply stating or should I say miss-regurgitating weather guru's. Most of what he said about weather patterns was wrong.

Matt Bille said...

Thanks for the input. I try to follow this field but don't claim any particular expertise.