Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top 10 Cryptozoology stories of 2010

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has released his Top 10 Cryptozoology Stories of the year. They include discovery of two large and impressive new species, a monkey and a monitor lizard: the repeated misdentifications of ordinary animals with mange as something bizarre (not sure those really belong here); publications of new theories, including the DNA results from the pursuit of Sumatra's mystery ape, the orang-pendek; the continued success of Loren's pride and joy, the International Cryptozoology Museum; a new photo from Loch Ness and a spate of sasquatch-type reports from North Carolina; and the capture of a live saola in Vietnam.
COMMENT: I'm sick of the mangy corpses, although Loren has a point in that they do keep making the news.

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Loren Coleman said...

I agree with Matt, and am sincerely tired of the "mangy Chupacabras" stories too. Sadly, yours truly and others, identified as cryptozoologists, are called most often to identify the every newly found "Chupa carcasses." Personally, this happened to me with four national/international media stories in 2010. Since the list is about the media's view of the top stories, the top ten lists will have to continue to have the easily explainable Chupacabras = mangy coyotes on it.

I look forward to the day when that is no longer true.