Friday, November 05, 2010

From Colorado, a herd of ancient elephants

Here in Colorado, paleontologists are salivating over the ski slopes - but not for skiing. A dig in the Snowmass area to uncover bones chanced upon during a construction project has already yielded a Columbian mammoth, three mastodons, and bone from an ancient bison. Representatives from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science have been marveling over this trove. A spokesman said, "We'll be here until the snow drives us out."

Meanwhile, near the town of Morrison, there's another find - tracks of a baby sauropod. In 1877, this area was home to the discovery of the famous Apatosaurs, formerly known as Brontosaurus. Famous paleontologist Robert T. Bakker said, "The latest discovery by the Morrison Natural History Museum is a tribute to Director Matt Mossbrucker and his crew of sharp-eyed volunteers. Never before has science given us such an intimate glimpse of baby brontosaurs - a window into Jurassic Family Values."

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