Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A squad of new frogs

Here the site Treehugger presents a slide show of 10 pictures representing newly discovered or rediscovered anurans (frogs and toads). Here is an Ecuadorian toad with the kind of long, suction-cupped fingers one expects with tree frogs; a Bornean frog, yellow-brown and sitting on a pencil point; an Indonesian frog with a long nose that inflates; and a 2009 report from Madagascar of a research effort that netted at least 129 new species of frogs - and as many as 221. Add in a fanged frog that can eat birds and ten new species from Columbia, including a wild-looking rain frog with spiky skin and a camouflage suit of green, brown, and orangeish splotches, and you have enough to make any herpetologist happy.

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