Wednesday, March 10, 2010

British big cats - they ARE out there

The British government, after reviewing 100 reports made since 2005, has concluded there are in fact non-native or alien species of big cats loose in England. No bodies of large cats like pumas or leopards have turned up, but there are some good images (like the one accompanying the linked article) and killings (such as that of a roe deer which was dragged over two fences) that couldn't have been done by any animal native to the U.K. The government emphasizes this is not a matter of a dangerous species establishing a population, but of escaped or released animals scattered over the country. Big cat researchers note that the animals have been reported for decades and, given feline life spans, some breeding is going on.


DJ said...

Very cool, and a half decent photograph, at least to judge size. Unrelated comment... are you still planning on the follow up to Shadows of Existence? I thought I read somewhere you were working on Edges of Existence, but that was a while ago.

Matt Bille said...

DJ, thanks for asking. Yes, I intend to do a book species discoveries/mysteries about every ten years for the rest of my life. So Edges of Existence is targeted for about 2015.

DJ said...

That's great news Matt, I really enjoyed both Rumors and Shadows. Take care.