Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bolden on international cooperation

NASAWatch has a link to a Twitter feed from a meeting between NASA Administrator Bolden and JSC employees where Bolden reportedly made the following statements in response to questions: "As long as I'm here, the new program is going to be international in nature. It's easy for [an?] administration to back out if it is just the US." Also: "We don't go places by ourselves anymore" and "When fighting wars, we don't go fighting alone. Coalitions are formed."

COMMENT: Bolden covered many subjects. NASA apparently asked after the fact that this feed be pulled, and I have not linked to it here. I can't vouch for the tweeter's word-for-word accuracy. I'm strictly a private citizen passing on an already-posted item that may give an important insight into the Administrator's view on cooperation in turbulent times.

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