Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Support for NASA leaders pours in

Everyone, it seems, is joining a chrous of approval for the nominations of Charles Bolden as NASA Administrator and Lori Garver as his deputy - the Coalition for Space Exploration, the Space Foundation, Congress, Marvin the Martian, everybody. Ex-administrator Griffin also applauded the choices, but in a speech where he also made the point that NASA, which gets well under 1% of the federal budget, is woefully underfunded considering its many missions despite doing well in the first year of the Obama administration.

Anyone remember the old Mission Impossible assignments agent Phelps used to get?

>whirr, click<
"Good evening, Mr. Bolden. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to take over NASA. You must perform too many missions with too little money, calm the fears of a jittery workforce, and prevent Constellation from turning into nothing but a bigger Gemini. Should you fail in the assignment, the Administration will disavow all knowledge of your existence in 2012.
This tape recorder will be defunded in five seconds. Good luck, Mr. Bolden."

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