Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NASA News: Nothing to cheer about

In this little compilation of black-hole cheer from NASAWatch, we are reminded that the agency has no administrator; it has no immediate prospects of getting an administrator; it has no hope of fulfilling its missions on schedule given the budget provided, as witnessed by a new two-year slip in the Ares V heavy-lifter; and, last but not least, the marginal Ares I booster is so much more marginal than even pessimists like myself thought that the Orion CEV capacity may have to be cut from six astronauts to four.
COMMENT: Maybe part of the reason the agency lacks an administrator is that, in the small pool of people with the talent, knowledge, and experience to do the job well, the President can find no one who actually wants the job under the present circumstances. Then again, there's nothing in any of the news stories linked here to indicate he's actively looking.

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