Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's behind "miraculous" cancer recoveries?

This article from Forbes probes the mysteries of seemingly inexplicable recoveries in cancer patients and how doctors focusing on the immune system are trying to understand and duplicate such recoveries.

COMMENT: We've all heard about cases like this. Often we know someone, at least distantly, who's had this happen. My wife, Deb, described a patient when she was an Air Force nurse who went from a healthy young man to a terminal cancer patient and suddenly, shockingly, back to a healthy young man. His oncologist couldn't explain it, and Deb vividly remembered the fellow dancing around the clinic, crying and hugging the nurses. It's a topic we all wonder about sometimes. Do such cures arise from repeatable medical factors? Faith? Plain luck? We all want to know.

THANKS TO Dr. Jennifer Stapleton for this item.

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