Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 Cryptozoology stories of 2008

Loren Coleman has posted a Top 10 list of cryptozoology news stories for 2008. Painfully, but not surprisingly, the top story was a target of popular ridicule - the Bigfoot hoax by Tom Biscardi and those two strange primates from Georgia, people who were brazen enough to call a press conference where they had to produce their alleged sasquatch corpse - and, of course, did nothing of the sort.

Ranking #6 on the list was the Colorado Springs "lion" sighting. I had a little hand in that, being quoted in the Colorado Springs Gazatte, and it is still a bit of a mystery. While it's possible someone mistook a big Chow or similar dog for a lion, and the cellphone camera pics don't rule this out, no one ever found either a lion or a large and valuable dog, and no animal possibly involved was ever reported missing.

By the way, I almost never say anything like this, but Loren's Cryptozoology Museum, a home for countless artifacts from sasquatch casts to movie props plus 40,000 books, is in deep financial trouble, mainly due to our friends at the IRS. There simply is nothing in the world like this collection, and I hope readers will go to, check out the story, and write the Museum a check.

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