Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fake Bigfoot sells for $250,000

The final chapter of the dumbest, most overhyped hoax in the history of cryptozoology closed with a costume selling on eBay for $250,000. The Georgia guys and Bigfoot "searcher" Tom Biscardi, who managed to get the national media to attend a press conference to see a display of a commercially-available sasquatch costume dressed up with some animal guts, had the last laugh in one sense when the fake sold for a quarter of a million dollars. (The original conspirators, though, apparently will get none of the money, and it's not entirely clear who will.) The buyer's name was not announced, which is understandable.
COMMENT: I sometimes muse that cryptozoology has no need to look for weird things in the far corners of the world: A stranger species than Homo sapiens americanus is unlikely to be found anywhere.

UPDATE: The $250,000 bid for the hoax costume has been revealed as - guess what - a hoax. It's not clear what's going to happen to this thing now.

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