Saturday, May 31, 2008

FIlm Sasquatch, get rich

Bushnell Trail Cameras has promised big money - one million dollars - to the first person who gets a "verifiable photo of Sasquatch" using (of course) a trail camera. There have been rewards before, but Bushnell, a major optics and outdoor gear maker, can deliver - IF its experts (whoever they are) verify the photograph. Full details are yet to be published, but obviously the company hopes for a lot of good publicity, not to mention sales of its trail cameras (the model described at the Cryptomundo post in the above link retails for about $270.)
Trail cameras are increasingly popular in game surveys as the technology improves and the cameras get smaller, more capable, and cheaper while battery life gets longer. They have captured some very rare animals: a recent image of the nearly-extinct Javan rhino was published around the world. There have been some purported trail camera images of Sasquatch before, including the one shown at the top of this link, which didn't impress most cryptozoologists, as it looks more like the tail and rump of a horse.

COMMENT: It seems certain Bushnell is going to get a lot of fuzzy or outright fake submissions. Cryptozoologists who think it likely there is a real Sasquatch out there to be filmed are very interested in learning the details: who is going to verify the photographs and what standards will be applied. This may be problematical. It's arguable that, if you get a photograph of a Sasquatch the only way to "verify" it is to go out to that location and collect the actual Sasquatch. Easier said than done....

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