Saturday, August 25, 2007

Startling New Ape Fossil

As the proponents of sasquatch and other alleged living unknown primates often point out, the fossil record of the known apes, such as chimps and gorillas, is a very incomplete one. Nine teeth (one canine, eight molars) from Ethiopia's Afar region may fill an important gap - while upsetting the whole view of ape evolution considerably. The teeth indicate a gorilla-like ape lived in Africa some ten million years ago, before (according to current theories) the common ancestor of all African apes inhabited the continent. The implications are considerable and are sure to set off a more intense search for other ancestral ape remains.
COMMENT: There have always been some people in the cryptozoological world who argue discoveries which upset widely held theories are suppressed to protect people's academic reputations. The publication of this paradigm-shattering find should help to disprove that.

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